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The 2.1ghz pascal/gtx 1060 wall


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I’ve always done practical overclocking to get my little bit of free performance. Recently with my EVGA gaming 1060 6gb I decided to rig up a spare corsair h60 CLC to it because the stock cooling solution was unbearably loud. And I do mean “rig†( http://i.imgur.com/C3PAJT7.jpg ) This provided me with a rock stable 2130mhz core at 50c. Trying to figure out what the problem was, that is why I was unable to go higher with so much thermal headroom, lead me down a bit of a rabbit hole into the world of enthusiast overclocking. After tons and tons of research, I’m still not sure what the problem is.

It seems that all the pascal cards hit a wall at 2.1ghz and do not want to go any higher. I’ve seen this referred to as the finFET limit on a forum(will link if requested) and that the next generation of lithography should remove it and provide some overclocking fun. That whole theory is however blown to hell in the wake of the 3ghz 1060 world record. Obviously, ln2 was used for that and it completely removes thermal limitations but it never the less implies that there is room to scale and further confuses me as to why I hit this wall at 2130mhz. I recognize that they used the Galax 1060 HOF which seems to be the best card power delivery wise on the market.

I know that my card only has a couple phases but it seems like even the better 1060s hit this same wall, regardless of the number of phases. I’ve googled reviews for just about every single 1060 model and none OC higher than 2150. What makes the Galax HOF so much better? Is there anything I can do to get over this wall?

I know about the liquid metal mod that lowers the resistance on the resistors but my PCB seems to be lacking those entirely, or possibly they just look way different than the ones depicted in the guides. De8auer was able to mod his 1060 with the help of one of his friends who builds GPUs for ASUS, I obviously don’t have those resources nor do I have the same card as he does so I can’t just copy. It seems that my card also doesn’t support setting voltage via that bus I can’t remember the name of.

This situation is driving me crazy and has me looking at picking up a new card because I had so much fun overclocking my 1060 the night I installed the watercooler, I must have been at it for 7 hours straight when I finally gave up. If anyone is able to solve this dilemma for me I will be very grateful. :ws:


edit: for anyone who may find this through google with the same problem there is a ton of good information in these threads:

BIOS/Hardware voltage lock is preventing GTX 1070 from reaching 1080 Performance:

GTX1060 Extreme Mod Log - Come watch me bench the blue smoke out of a GTX1060


It seems like there isn't an answer to this question at the moment.

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How is it possible to hit 2303mhz at only 1.09v? I thought you would need 1.2ish at the least. Is that with water cooling or is it sub-zero? How were you able to do that?

I would buy a 1080 if I knew it were possible to OC it with out running into artificial limits but it seems the only voltage unlocked bios is for the ASUS STRIX OC 1080 which is no longer in production.

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I was running with a water temperature of -10c


Notice my "at load" temperature of only 1c.


It wasn't fully stable, but it ran for a little time.


The other option for voltage on PASCAL is grab a EVGA 1080 CLASSIFIED card.


The Classified voltage tool was updated to be compatible with 1080 Classified cards.

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Why do my messages keep getting blocked by a moderator???


I keep getting this error message when I try to post:

"Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting."


It shows up instead of my message.


I am Nrpeyton in the 2nd message on this thread, I requested a nickname change hoping this would fix it. :-(


Sorry about this, I'll try and see if I can contact someone to sort this out. In the meantime once my reply shows up email me at nick.peyton@btinternet.com if you want and I'll discuss overclocking Pascal with you :-)

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