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[FS] LN2 Pots (Otternase V3, AMD/Nvidia GPU, DICE CPU Pot) and LittleDevil SS Phase


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Hi All,


Having a clear out and came across my old OCing hardware, very very little use and in perfect condition, all come with their necessary accessories and mounting hardware.


I have an Otternase V3, an Otternase dual purpose AMD/Nvidia GPU block and a dry ice CPU pot, all with mounting hardware. There is also a LittleDevil Single Stage Phase change cooler available.


Open to offers on all of this as I have literally no idea what the going rates are these days so i've quoted what I paid for them below.


Otternase V3 CPU pot - 4.5Kg solid copper (450EUR RRP) - 150 Euro:




Otternase Dual purpose AMD/Nvidia mounting GPU LN2 pot (250EUR RRP) - 100 Euro:




Generic dry ice pot (£50 RRP) - FREE if you pay shipping Sold:




Little Devil Single Stage phase change unit (600EUR RRP) - PM Offers: - Note shipping dimensions are 25Kg, 30cm x 35cm x 65cm SOLD




All photos can be found here:









I'm based in Northern Ireland and can ship to pretty much anywhere, just ask for a quote.




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Please make at least one picture with all stuff and sheet of paper with your nick and current date :) - if you want evaluation I can move the thread to wanted and change title, otherwise you need to set a raw price at least which you want to pay for, this can still be nogotiated with potential buyers then.

Thank you in advance :)

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Cooler like this may be worth 300-350 euro, no idea for what load it's tuned. I sold modified Prometeia last year for 400 euro (-30C @ 250W) and it was sold again some time after it for 360 euro if I remember correctly. I think it has similar performance, but it has nice case :)


So if you decide to put it on ebay and sell for at example 350 euro, then you have 10% fee from sale amount + shipping costs (let's say 50), so it's 40 euro and 3,5% paypal fee also from total amount so it's another 14 euro.


Selling it for 350 give you 296...


Just my three words :)

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@darkgregor @TAGG @fat4l - I have some photos of the unit running, it pulls to -49*C from room temp in about 25-30 seconds.


I've taken the panel off the side and the compressor is a Danfoss NL11F:


105G6900 - Product specifications




See below photos of it working and down to temp.





@fat4l postage to UK: 40 GBP


@TAGG postage to Austria: 65 Euro


@darkgregor postage to France: 65 Euro



PM me offers if you're interested.

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You did set a fixed price of 150 euros plus shipping for the ss and now after you received a matching offer you make an auction after removing price? We are not at an auction site like ebay. I got several reports on this, I really hope you find a solution for this but this is not the way we handle marketplace deals here :/


OK, Myles contacted me, he is simply overwhelmed by interest and does not know how to make fair decision, so it is OK for me, he will now try to find a fair solution that corresponds also with rules. No need to throw stones anymore^^

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