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Hi lads,

I asked no#1 Intel expert that I know of this question, but he did not want to comment, because its undocumented pins, but perhaps, being HWBOT, someone know and can give a friendly heads up.


Picture found on google, I didnt do a picture when delid..




Its the 4 pins close to DIE I would like to know...

Thing is, I am considering LM TIM, and I don't feel too safe with pins that close...

Any advice? Silikone on the pins just in case?

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Ended up putting the LM TIM carefully on the IHS and very little on DIE.


Improved my temperature ~4-5C at 5GHz 1.275V, however, at higher frequencies and voltages, what a world of difference!

5400 CB15 on water, no problem.... 5200MHz P95 8-8 no problem.... (5300 possible but high voltage)


Thanks for your suggestions, and the regular TIM, nail or tape, I will use on my... i3-7100T, I would like to lower the vcore as much as possible... No-power config, yes please :)

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