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Please add motherboard


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Could you please add LENOVO CloverTrail motherboard to data base?

Intel Atom Z2760 @ 1797 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR



Also; What category should I submit this intel GPU in?





Went looking to make submissions with my Z2760, but the Z2760 in the data base is a completely different one for cell phones socket FC-MB4760. Different socket, different core speed, different core name etc.


My Z2760 socket FCMBA3 Intel Atom Z2760 @ 1797 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR

Could you please add this to the data base too?

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This needs some work, so a little update:

-fixed core name, core speed

-Socket was correct according to Intel ARK, detection of CPU-Z seems wrong here

Intel Atom Z2760 @ HWBOT


-added card, detection of GPU-Z seems wrong

-I send a message to GPU-Z author to correct that (I dont expect to see an answer though)

Intel PowerVR SGX545 (Rouge) @ HWBOT


Undecided about the motherboard, looks like this is a tablet. So tablet is actually added as Device.

Saw the mess, caused by the Atom SoCs. Need much time to fix that.

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