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Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

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Well guys... I made it https://hwbot.org/submission/4323412_hardware_numb3rs_superpi___32m_ryzen_9_3950x_5min_58sec_909ms?recalculate=true

Had a chance today with what LN2 I had left. Took a good 30L in total just today.   So many runs just short of the 6 minute mark for so long, its awesome to have actually done it now.  

Was just trying the 3800x to see how high fclk went but sadly it's not over 1600 for full pot operation Ended up testing the 16c and thinking outside of the 1:1 box, along with trying a few new

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PBO settings don't matter when in manual overclock mode.

Turn SMT off, but leave all cores enabled. Disable all unneeded devices in bios

Boot and load windows at whatever all-core multiplier and voltage you can or feel comfortable with., e.g. 4.5GHz, 1.25V.

For voltage, there are 2 "manual" modes, one is the full manual where the boards overrides it and you can only change from BIOS or special tools like TurboV. The other manual mode is AMD Overclocking, which can be changed from ryzen master as well.

When in windows, you need to find which of your 6 cores can do 5GHz and at what voltage one by one.  You may have bad sample and not all cores could do 5GHz. Increase voltage to 1.45V for example and set core #1 (second core) to 5GHz, if it doesn't crash, run superpi with affinity set to that core. If it passes, then you know core #1 is capable of 5GHz.

Clock core #1 back to 4.5 and increase core #2 to 5GHz, perform the same test. Do the same for all 6 cores.

If the system crashes/freezes at some point, then reboot and continue where you left.

You can then test your best cores for minimum voltage as well or if none of the cores can do 5GHz at 1.45V, maybe try 1.5V.

That's the general idea, to find a strong core which can do 5GHz. You don't need all the cores at that frequency, just one of them and set the superpi affinity (from Benchmate context menu) to that core, so it will only run at that thread.

My CPU can run 5GHz on all cores, but cores #1 and #3 are better than the others.

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4 hours ago, GTI-R said:

For the time being, boot with 6 cores at about 4.5G / 1.25V on the BIOS and search for an excellent core with TurboV on the OS?
Can TurboV adjust the clock and voltage by limiting the core?

I don't have a new Asus motherboard, but I think it can't. You can use Shamino's "OC TOOL" from the link posted in this thread, it can control cores individually: 


You can also use ZenStates, but I'm at work right now and have no access to my PC at home. Will attach a latest build in the evening.

Keep in mind there's some relation between core frequencies and your other cores will drop to lower frequency when you set 5GHz to a single core, but that's ok for a single-threaded benchmark.

As for the devices, it's always a good idea to disable everything that is not needed, such as LAN, WiFi, Audio, etc. It is not required, though.

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