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XFastest leak: 1700X beats 5960X


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Its as 4100 MHz i7-5960X or similar as i7-6900K at Auto settings=(1475 to 1578 points, depends on multicore settings in BIOS, RAM, OS etc)


Single thread of 1700x is similar as i5-4690K (3.9GHz boost) or i7-6900K (3.7 GHz boost) or almost as i7-4770K (3.9GHz boost). It seems, for multithread is no problem boost of 1700x at 3500 MHz or more. For single thread Im sure it is about 3900 MHz (look at FireStrike screen and current CPUZ)

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Hmmmm 2133 C15 mems, who use that in 2017? Can't wait to see it performance with something above 3000MHz...


Won't see much over 3200 tight unfortunately


Do they disclose the version of r15 since the new one scores 10-15 higher on quad which wasn't available when 5960x was in it's prime.

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It was expected. Actually it is beyond my expectation on LN2 (the photo says it in the filename), but kind of in line with BW-E.

Next stepping in the future will improve OC potential. Overall it is a nice mainstream platform and AMD are back in the game.

Unfortunately it won't be too interesting for overclock and with extreme cooling with the usual benchmarks for the bot.


PS: Wonder if that vcore is detected right. And the other thing is if the 1800X will be "super binned" or 1700X could clock to the same frequencies.

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I saw game tests and 7700k was way ahead, so I assume single threaded AMD will not be as strong as multi threaded if! the screens were correct, but would be no surprise. AMD made a quantum leap and is competetive at least again, so I will not complain

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