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MARS/2DI/4GD3 is a GTX295 or not?

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Good morning


hope this will be the right place and to no offend @der8auer


I'm going to prepare a GTX295 for benching and, checking the rankings, I notice that der8auer benched an Asus MARS/2DI/4GD3, that gpuz recognize as a GTX295;


The Mars is a double GTX285, and is not a proper GTX295

Mars has 2x32 ROPs, GTX295 2x28

Mars has 2x 2048 MB (mem size), GTX295 2x 896 MB

Mars has 2x 512 bit (mem bus), GTX295 2x 448 bit


Can a Mars compete in the GTX295's ranking?

Or, better, on 2x GTX285?


I don't know if this has already been discussed in the past


Thank You for Your attention and sorry for my poor english

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23 hours ago, superpatodonaldo said:

They decided MARS is a GTX295

I still not agree

I know that was the outcome of the discussion since this is how the rankings look now but I'm just interested to hear the arguments made in favour of this idea at the time :)

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they argued that when MARS was launched no one cares about the differences (ROPs, mem, bus) with the standard GTX295 so, after years, there is no need to separate the rankings; I look for the thread

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