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Can't find maxxmem2 download


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Hello folks!

I've been trying to reach maxxpi website for a couple of days now and seems like its either blocked here, or its down.

On google i found a version 2.04v download, which is from 2016, and well its not compatible since its always locked on 150ns letancy no matter what.

Would be nice if i could get pointed to a proper download link, or how to fix the connection, or the software in 2.04v to work properly.

Thanks ahead!

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On ‎4‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 5:13 AM, Alan_Alberino said:

Had same problem, attached it here

Attached what? Where? :confused:

Anywho...just restart your PC. Finally figured out on my own that's how you fix it. What causes it is running MM, then closing it, and then running it again. Sticks on 150.0ns every time. Until you reboot. Once again the reboot fixes what's "broke". Has nothing to do with which version of MM.

So yeah...thanks for nothing. And...you're welcome!

EDIT: Ran across someone mentioning killing the CPU-Z process. Windows Task Manager > Processes > cpuz.exe > End process. Seems to work to fix the stuck latency issue(among other things).

Attached a copy of v2.04 for anyone needing it.



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