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GTX 1070 memory overvolting

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I am in a need of a memory voltage mod for reference PCB 1070. I have attached picture around VRM area.


There has already been done some work by some gurus for 1080 here: https://xdevs.com/guide/pascal_oc/


But I have some questions.


1. Would their mod also work for 1070?


2. Where can I measure memory voltage?


3. xdevs suggest 1k ohm trimpot. Does that mean if I set it to 1k ohm, there is no voltage gain and if I reduce it to eg. 500 ohms, there is some voltage gain and more and more voltage if trimpot is set towards 0 ohms?


Thank you for your help!

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When a trimmer is connected, even when at maximum resistance, there will be voltage gain. The amount depends on how much the resistance of the circuit has been changed (or, to phrase another way, what value of trimmer is used.) If you want to have the option of 0 voltage increase, a switch should be added in series. :)


(Can't give specifics for the card, I don't have one)

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