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kotori - Athlon 900 (Thunderbird, Slot A) @ 1145MHz - 1min 59sec 753ms SuperPi - 1M


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Awesome score! Well done :)


I bought the same mainboard, new boxed, never opened, but mine won't boot up. I have only one CPU an Athlon 750Mhz Pluto, this one was not new but used; Do you think that Aopen AK72 required bios update to run it? Or my CPU is dead?

Do you have a particolar bios version?

Thank you


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@Claudio-san: If jp21(K7 host clk) 2-3 is not bios boot, work only 1-2 position, and try some other memory, Plato will be able to work any BIOS I'm using the final release BIOS.

I hope that your AK72 will work well.


Maksim-san: Yes using Golden Finger, name is ARTeam OCKing Booster A-102, Vcore 1.6~2.05, Multiplier 5.0X~12.5X but work up to 10.0X is limit on any board.

It's a simple circuit, If I can get a GF connector, I can make clone.

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I could not get higher multipliers with my 1GHz T-Bird when I tried last time.

My goldfinger is a different brand. Perhaps the limitation comes from the motherboards.



I agree, and Probably the same 10.0x multi limit as aluminum or copper core

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