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Processor specifications requests : Merge the Opteron 165 categories


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Priority: High


I noticed that one of my scores had been moved from Opteron 165 \"Denmark\" to Opteron 165 \"Toledo\". \r\n\r\nFirst, these cores are identical - no performance difference whatsoever, so there should be no need to separate them in the first place.\r\n\r\nSecond, these chips are all labeled as Denmark cores afaik. At some point CPUZ stopped reporting the core name to be Toledo, and then reported Denmark instead (which is correct). This can be easily proven by using an old and a new CPUZ version at the same time. I can\'t, as I don\'t have the necessary equipment to use a de-lidded CPU, but I noticed that Untouchable\'s score shows a Toledo core - and my chip is the same as he used. He didn\'t have the time to really max it out, so I bought it from him.

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