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6800K and Taichi, bad overclockers ??

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It's a bit rhetorical, cos i know the Broadwell-E is not a great overclocker but damn, i cant' even get a 4.4Ghz stable with 1.5v. And if I overclock the Cache..... no way Jose. Freezes like a MF.


I really wanna enter the Rookie comp (finishes today) but with 4.2 OC.... it's not even worth it LOL.


Do you guys think the x99 Taichi is also not helping the OC much ??

Because i see plenty people with benchmarks at 4.4Ghz... whilst I can't even do Pi 32M at those speeds.


Do you guys think I'd be better off swapping my 6800K for the 5820K ??

The Haswell-E overclocks a bit better for what I heard.


I really got into overclocking this last couple months and while I love the looks of the Taichi, I'm really disappointed with the overclockability of it.


PS - My cooler is a Kraken x62... kept the 6800K under 80c at 4.4Ghz ... and the CPU passed the XTU stress test at 4.4Ghz... but froze right after that.

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My EVGA 750W G2 PSU might be an issue too. The mammoth amount of voltage needed for a mere 4.4Ghz OC and the extra wattage it needs is substantial. A 4.4Ghz OCed Broadwell-E chip munches through electricity like no ones business... over 175W.


I'm starting to think my PSU could also be partly responsible for the poor OC capabilities of this system.


I don't know if this makes any sense... I'm still a noob when it comes to overclocking.

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