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XTU for X299 / Kaby Lake-X / Skylake-X

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All versions are support. It just now also include X299 platform.


New version out: v6.3.0.45. Fixes below

  • SKX – Active Core support added for maximum 16 core.
  • All other platform – Active core support is available for maximum 10 core.
  • 1604366144 - [XTU] [sKX] PL2 is getting reset to PL1 value when power limits are set from BIOS
  • 1604366151 - [XTU] [sKX] Core Voltage, Cache Voltage and Per-Core Voltages are getting reset to defaults when set from BIOS
  • 1604366071 - [XTU] [sKX] Active Core count reads half the count even when system is under stress
  • 1604366510 - [XTU] Legal disclaimer content of XTU is modified
  • 1604355962 - [XTU] Copyright of XTU should be updated to 2017
  • Active core support for SKX increased from 16 to 18 cores



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Hello, I used the version XTU with 7820x on windows 10 and I crash at 4.5 GHz same with 1.40 Vc, this version is not good !!!!!!!!


Did another version not crash? It uses avx which creates a lot of heat, especially on a 7820x at 1.4v. Have you delidded and are you certain that your temps are under control?

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