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Computex 2017, reflections on oc community


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We had a community event during the weekend, but some OCers went to vendors to take records for the PR. Including you! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black :).

Ok, so basically you're saying that all OCers who did not fly halfway around the globe to bench for three days at your gathering with their own hw are bad supporters of the community? Or maybe we're just not entitled to an opinion?


It's obvious hwbot stopped listening to the community a long time ago. It's just the same old people doing things the way it has always been done. I think the work you do promoting and teaching for newbies is great. But when there is no sound structure behind it, it becomes useless! No one is happy with enthusiasts league, elite league, ES hw, helium etc. The rankings don't work as they need to support a competetive hobby/sport. But I guess it's easier to blame the community for not appreciating the things you offer than actually looking to offer what is wanted.

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In a way I am not surprised to see this thread on the other hand I am sad that it display a lack of understanding of the whole eco-system.


Leaving the league and point discussion aside (not the topic for it)

- HWBOT gathering event : Friday to Sunday -- You were aware of the dates.

- Private NDA event - Monday -- NO press where allowed inside. And the reason of the whiteboard outside was to highlight the fact that it was... PRIVATE event -- mainly because the display were still showing the previous event (I talked to the guy at the reception to remove but they didn't)

* Sorry you felt hurt about the fact you could not get into a third party event you were not invited. (Gathering was over the day before, I don't recall seeing you there :))


- Helium Night : Theses event help the OC eco-system cause way more than was it is visible today but trust me, this is an important step. That was NDA as well for the reason that are now public (new platform).


- Community support : HWBOT (and I am a third party here) organised the Diner and it was a blast, true community spirit.



Overall this year was a great but different follow-up to last year event. Which in your own word was replaced by a worthless modding competition (which i don't agree, the format need adjustment) - Where is your thread on Modding forum regarding this feedback? (I would give my POV)



There are a few major challenge with some member of the community, be it considering they have to be invited to ANY and EVERYTHING, or get ALL the early access and whatnot.


TL;DR : When you only have a part of the story it is easy to draw conclusions. Sorry but I had a blast this year, even with people I didn't expect and while not being invited to all the private party. :) This is what makes this community what it is : Diverse, competitive, open & dynamic.

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From time to time, I hate being right.

The ignorance killed the communities, and is still working hard to kill overclocking - why would the vendors keep on, if there is no money in it? But feel free trying to make it a more and more exclusive club.

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