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HWBOT and its modders are ignoring H265 support


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Little disappointed to say that Hwbot is ignoring the H265 issue, which is not supported on newer than Skylake CPUs. This means H265 bench cannot be properly used with Ryzen, SKX, KBX and KabyLake CPUs. Integrated Hwmonitor does not support these CPUs while H265 is sometimes giving back error : bad ambient cooling.

According to developer these CPUs are really not supported and ambient cooling is ignored due to bad reading. This means potential cheating during contest, when you can use much better cooling during test then after test..


I was contacting personally Christian Ney and 0 feedback as well as it was mentioned in diff (ROG TEAM contest) thread.


I am asking when we get proper answer what to do or stop using integrated ambient cooling or entire bench until newer version is published.

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I don't think this monitoring issue is such a big deal. Until this ROG competition, noone has ever used it... :D Without the monitoring module the benchmark is working just fine and that is 99.99% use case. Development of the 2.0.0 version wasn't easy and took a lot of time, most likely much more than all the users in total have spent running x265 with monitoring on to this day.


Don't forget that except some new 3Dmarks and XTU, other HWBOT benchmarks don't support realtime monitoring / tools for LCC at all. Yes, the x265 monitoring feature is far from perfect... but this to be expected as, you know... there is a difference betwen Futuremark / Intel and one guy who is developing the x265 benchmark in his free time after work and gets exactly nothing for it. :D


Most likely there will be an update in the future (no ETA), but I can't guarantee all these new CPUs will be supported for ambient / LCC competitions. Everything depends on the Open Hardware Monitor development. It is open source project but performing the needed adjustments myself is beyond my reach so I must wait when (if) new version supporting Ryzen / Skylake-X / etc. become available and then I can use it.

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