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S4ch4Z - Xeon E5 2695 V2 @ 3149MHz - 1659 cb Cinebench - R15


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Beautiful score!

Mine does not want to go over 103 MHz on P9X79 Pro.

Have You changed anything more that BCLK?


What memories do You have? I have 1866Mhz. And it is them who are having problems with OC. With memory OK I can always boot, save settings in BIOS... and next boot will fail anyway.

112 is far far away. Very good board and very good chip.




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I tried out several bios to be able to set bclk higher, some wouldn't even enable turbo clocks.

But turbo really works only if forced with the Throttlestop software in the OS in my case:



It's even stable at 114.3 mhz so far (still testing for everyday use)

I use HyperX Genesis 1600C9 DDR3 sticks which are nothing fancy.

Just had to set their speed down one notch to get there.

Maybe you should set your RAM to lower clocks too and see if that allows you to

go higher on bclk.


Thanks for the support and good luck :)

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