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3DMark01 needs right board/bios.


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Sadly enough, it's sometimes necessary to highlight the capabilities of a competitor's product in order to get them working on a specific issue :P.


Had to buy a Gigabyte to see it for myself...I hope Asus is working on a 32bit fix.


Gigabyte P67A-UD4 bios f6x




Asus P8P67 PRO bios 1053


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Massbo, I'll do them later this day if the boss will be out of the office :D


I used HD3850 oc'ed to 1170/1161MHz at 5288MHz (53x99.8), Cat 9.4 drivers.

System tests should be comparable:



CH: 531.8 @ 5288 (was as high as 534 in previous runs)


EDIT: OK, now I see, it's on par with UD4 F6x

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Ok, here we go, same driver, same LOD-settings, same run order:


@WXP 32bit with 0951:




@WXP 64bit with 0089:




Funny enough, details can be shown normally...:)


is this a legal pic????? Not trying to call anyone out would just love it if this could count for points because I cant shake large.txt error

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Any way to downgrade from 0902 to 0498 bios version of Maximus IV Gene-Z?

Not sure how the latest version compares to the old 3D bioses, especially for 3DMark01.

Tried ez flash, asus update windows app and bupdate under dos, no luck.

Is there a need to flash back to older bios?


Edit: Found the solution - AFUWIN/AFUDOS for Aptio bioses worked fine, then reflashed from the EZ Flash utility just in case.

Still have a problem with bclk, I'm stuck at 100. It doesn't change, even though it's set manually in bios.

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