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1950x Threadripper Overclocking attemp (and fail)


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Hi Guys,

This is my 2nd attempt at OCing a rig. My 1st one was a 3930k and I tried overclocking it to 4.1Ghz and it is solid, never skipped a beat.

my second rig is a 1950x that goes like this:


CPU: 1950x Threadripper with coolant spread as per Gamer Nexus advised pattern

COOLER: NZXT Kraken x62

MOBO: x399 Gigabyte AORUS

RAM: 4x16Gb (64Gb) Corsair Vengeance 3200C16R

PSU: Corsair CS850M 850w

VIDEOCARD: GeForce GTX 670 (yes, laugh! xD)


I tried everything, can't even OC the RAM to the XMP level by flicking the RAM XMP switch in the BIOS.

1st sign of mucking around with the RAM Speed and I am stuck in reboot loops ad infinitum.


I got the CPU running from 3.4 to 4.0 fairly stable, just upped the vcore to 1.25V and left all else automatic, just changing the clock multiplier.


It's just a pity I can't up the memory a little more, as it seems that the Zen Family are mem bandwidth hogs in order to get high scores in benchmarks.


Do you guys know of a guide to go about at experimenting a little more with this setup?

I am a bit lost, as I can't find a forum talking about this setup with clarity.


My Cinebench is below 2800cb and Corona Benchmark 1.3 sits at a depressing 5.6 Million Rays/s

I see guys having well above 3000cb and 6.5Million rays in Corona benchmark 1.3 so I suppose I must be doing something wrong...

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