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Sharing Hardware its legit on the same Team ?

Guest Ximi

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5 minutes ago, Johnksss said:

Okay, time to ask yet again.


What is the ruling on Using LOD benchmark scores? Is this legal or not legal? I see quite a few of these submissions beating me (2080 TI Single GPU - Class) when I could have clearly used this to surpass many.

Read the rules of the benchmark. It is explicitly allowed for all 3dmarks except timespy and timespy extreme. 

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On 3/19/2018 at 8:55 AM, Splave said:

No they mean we both bring our own gpus 1080tis and then we all use my 7.2ghz cpu to bench 3d benches like aq3 03 05 06 heaven etc. That is allowed right now :D I think that is the main complaint but how can you monitor that. That's why it's the way it is becuase you can't tell. 

Relying on honesty will never work in competition. Do e-sports use cheat detection as well as judges or do they just say hey let's all be honest guys. 



Is this still allowed ? :))

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30 minutes ago, suzuki said:

So you are saying that for 3dmark2005 stage i can bench with some friends on same mobo/cpu/ram but only to have 4-5 different graphic cards available ? And it is “legal” ?


3D benches you only have to use different GPU's. The whole rest of the platform can be the same one.

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