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Thermal throttling - CPU Temp up to 97 degrees!?!?

Guest PapaTrickster

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Guest PapaTrickster

Hi guys,


at first i'm new here. i have a basic knowledge about overclocking but now its ended.


First some informations (or please check my profil at xtu hwbot)

- X99S SLI PLUS MS-7885

- i7 5820K @3.30GHz


- AOI Water cooling system




last time i did somthing stupid - i want test the OC GENIE Button with the MSI Command Center .....


What have i done:

1) save the XTU Profil like in link before and then i go MSI Command Center and push the OC GENIE

2) after restar my pc just run about 30sec and shootdown

3) then bootloop

4) go to bios and check settings ---- CPU temp after restart 80° then 97° for about 10sec and shootdown

5) cool down cpu

6) start windows and opened XTU and flashed the old XTU profile

7) after restart i have nearly the same problem (shootdown after about 2 min in case of cpu temp)

8) clear CMOS ------ same problem

9) try to flash the latest bios (at the second bios profil) but at 84% shootdown in case of cpu temp



Pleas help me - i dont have any other idea



excuse my poor english.

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Guest PapaTrickster

last night i found the issue.


really contretemps ----- the waterpump (aio cooler master) in the watercooling system is broken

now i have a new cpu fan (bequiet dark rock pro 3) and im really happy with it :)

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