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Confusing results and points on OC-ESPORTS.


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Hi, it's really confusing a dude in wprime 32m uses a INTEL CELERON G465.

He needs 49s... in table it's 19s and he is #1 in the table.. My i7 7700k 5.2Ghz makes 3.9s... this makes no sense to me...


Same with XTU marks.. people get way more marks than in the actual "table".. for example i had 1520 but it says i got 500 something lol.

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The celeron submission was just my little joke, I had to test a couple of ebay parts and they matched the competition requirements.


All the scores in the table are the average across the required number of submissions. So if you're the only one on your team submitting for a stage that needs three submissions it gets averaged two scores of zero - IE divided by three.


This always happens on stages where lower is better, which sounds bad, however there's a second factor at play - the team with most submissions (up to the required number) will *always* be ranked higher. So if a stage needs 3 submissions then 5 subs = 4 subs = 3 subs > 2 subs > 1 sub - even if the 1 sub is amazing and the 3 subs are all awful.

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