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Look, I don't mind the gold cups but...


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Strange bug. I could fix the Cinebench 2003 score manually. But not the 11.5, doesn't update.


OK, thanks, gets gold cup in the mythical 2x AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Clawhammer) 'Clawhammer 512KB' but can't actually see it in any rankings! Oh well I'm sure somebody will figure out how to fix it sooner or later.

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  • Crew

The thing is that those subs are impossible to fix for us moderators. The only ones who could are Massman and Chris Ney. But both have no time. So the solution would be to delete those subs and resubmit. When you resubmit, please make sure that you dont use "prepopulate fields", especially not if your previous submission was a dual core.

Atleast I suspect that something gone wrong because of the prepopulate fields option. As the CPU itself was marked as a single core in the db for years. The only reason why you seen it as dual core was because I changed it in the db to fix your sub (and forget to change it back later).

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