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Double Vision Oc comp planning

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As I've recently acquired an sr-2 and a quad fx and am looking at skull trail I'm itching to compete with some other 2p systems. I know that we'll probably never see an official hwbot comp that allows server chips and 2p systems so I figured I may as well make a fun comp myself. Anyways, this thread is for planning and coming up with stages for such a comp. I'm also thinking of potentially also throwing SLI/CF in as you never see comps that allow it and it follows a similar theme. Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on potential stages. My initial thinking is potentially something like this:


Stage 1

Something LGA 1366, UP and MP allowed


Stage 2

Something LGA 771, UP and MP allowed


Stage 3

Lowest Timespy score, must have 2 cpus and 2-4 gpus, I suspect that Fermi will be a good place to start with it's dx12 "support", will be an interesting test to see the slowest cpu arch with all the instructions, including ssse3 (Sorry k10.5)


Anyways, these are just some ideas I had for stages so that it should be relatively accessible while still remaining true to the spirit of a 2p comp.

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