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Rampage III Extreme BCLK wall


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I'm quite new to X58... but I have some older scores with GA-EX58-UD3R, that board did around 215 MHz BCLK with more or less default settings, which I considered acceptable for "lowend" X58. Yesterday I bought R3E and expected something around 230 should be very easy and with the right settings even more Reference Frequency overclocking records @ HWBOT


Turns out I was wrong. I've spent two evenings on this already, studied all kinds of X58 OC guides and still can't get some decent BCLK. :(


The system is:


Xeon W3520 water cooled

R3E (BIOS 1502 - latest)

3x4 GB DDR3 dual-rank or 1x2 GB single-rank 9-9-9-24

Radeon HD 5500

single sata HDD running in IDE mode

Enermax 630W

win7 64


It seems this W3520 is not as bad as most of my CPUs :D and it could actually run faster than 4.4 GHz... if the MB would cooperate. I can get 4378 MHz R15 stable (multiple times) running 21x208. havli`s Cinebench - R15 score: 702 cb with a Xeon W3520 After that I got freezing during R15 runs so I lowered CPU and NB multiplier by one notch to make sure CPU is not the limit. Still no matter what I do >210 is not stable. I can boot windows, wprime 32M on 4 threads finishes, on 8 threads crashes and of course R15 crashes within a second after rendering starts.


Tried raising PCI-E up to 120 MHz, changed GTX 465 to HD 5500 and also tried PCI Voodoo3, still the same. Tried HD 5500 in first slot and second slot -> same. Tried to switch RAM to single 2GB module... nothing. QPI slow mode also does nothing.


This CPU can do more I'm sure and also I have other 1366 Xeons with lower multi and those really need as high BCLK as possible. I'm kinda running out of ideas. Most likely it is some obvious mistake... which I don't see. If you have some tips how to get this thing going strong I would really appreciate it. :)








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Thank you. I have tried that before with W3520 and didn't help at all.

But now i gave it another shot with E5620 and it seems Slow Mode really works Intel Xeon E5620 @ 4503.71 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR It seems the board is quite sensitive to memory timings at higher BCLK and refuses to post with wrong settings (even with Slow Mode). I worked that out using combination of bios settings and setFSB. Now I think actual CPU cores are the limit at >4.4 GHz. :)


Now I'll return to the W3520 to see what it can do. :D

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given that you have one of the best MBs for x58 the R3E schould be capable of BCLK230+ but the question is: can the CPU keep up with that.


a few thinks you could try:


-try to find VPLL manually as too high/low is counterproductive

-110 pcie should be enough for at least 220 BCLK

- same goes for QPI Link: about 8 Ghz. without slow mode

- for the last 1-3 Mhz. try to fiddle with the skews(same value for both), 100 is a good starting point.

- also the clock amplitude: the x56xx like some more juice here (up to 1000mVs is ok but mind the temps.)

- Vcore OCP enable-> you've got to be kidding :)

- you sure vQPI that high is needed?



X58 is quite challenging but you sure have the right MB to take it to the limit.

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