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How to disable SVID and still monitor power draw on X299 Asus?

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I haven't been able to find info on this so maybe it's just me and i've set something wonky but i just watched this video

, where he disables SVID but then still manages to monitor power draw with HWinfo and Coretemp. Different board manufacturer as i'm on Asus but i can't seem to do this as disabling SVID, which enables me to manually set Vin, disables power draw monitoring - it reads like 2-4W under load - an i want to be able to see power draw.


I also want to be able to do this as i think it's ignoring the Vin voltage i've set which i think is making me power limited running small FFT with AVX. I can't draw more than 290W. In the video he draws over 300W.


Anyone have any ideas?

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