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Can you submit scores for X2 555 with x2 cores, as well as x3 and x4 cores ?

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the title says it all.


I am submitting scores for X2 555 with 2 cores enabled, but also with 3 and 4 cores.


Now my submissions are being deleted for no given reason altohugh I made sure to submit with unclocked cores = number of active cores.


Can someone clarify what is legit with AMD X2 cpus uncloekd to x3 and X4...?


Thank you

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Thank :)

everything is in order, hwbot ~50+ submissions went through this morning and things are sorted out. I guess hwbot team has put lots of efforts to get the servers updated for the finishing rookie and rog team cups.


one thing is missing in the hwbot interface regarding amd unlocked cpus. for instance under x2 555, you see only the results for x2 scores

AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE @ HWBOT


on this page it would be great to add a link/tip to a listing results for X3 or x4 cores since there is currently (as far as i know) no "one page" listing all your results for a given X2 unlocked to X3 (or X4)

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thanks ;)

that page is specific to one bench software, unfortunately.


seeing ono one page the whole bench list, showing the WR record and your personal score, to know which result you have submitted is validated and hence which are missing, would be nice ;)

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not to open new topic, I'll just use this one because my question is kinda similar: let's say I have Ryzen 5 that actually came with 8 fully working cores, what would be the rules on submitting such scores considering even ambient cooled 8c would pretty much outperform other "normal" (6c) Ryzen 5 scores regardless of cooling used?

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