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You can also use a domain blocker, I've been using one and so far I haven't had any problems doing it.

You'd have to specify what domains to block but it works. Coinhive is one I have blocked along with others, as long as I run it when here or elsewhere I don't see any unusual CPU useage spikes.

You'd also need to stay on top of what domains are doing this and update your list accordingly.


Sadly this is and will be an ongoing issue since the guys doing it are on top of things like platforms used with a forum, you can bet nowadays they have an answer to just about any format a forum like this one would use.

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We have removed the crypto hacks several times on this aging vbulletin 3 forum, but as vbulletin no longer provides security patches they always come back.


We are currently implementing the invision pb API into the hwbot engine. Once done, we migrate the forums.

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