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Hello! I'm a gamer, who uses the comp for web surfing and some at home office work/word processing. My rig is a Digital Storm (US) system, that I've upgraded with an additional 16GB of Corsair RAM, a PNY GTX 1080 Ti, a Creative SB Z sound card, and a WD 1TB SATA SSD for storage. So I know what the major components inside the box are when I look at them, and can handle routine plug 'n play stuff. Techie or Overclocker? NO!


Anyway; the comp came with two Corsair XMP profiles (courtesy of Digital Storm) which can be accessed through the Memory Settings tab in my BIOS. XMP 1 set my CPU's base clock from 3.3GHz to 4GHz, and bumped the RAM from 21something to 2666MHz. All was well!


Until the Evil Genies from Microsoft mandated their "Creators Update" back in the fall of 2016. The CU borked it's own install twice, making it successfully on the third attempt about 10 days after the first. It also disabled my Creative sound card, deleted all my custom sound card settings/profiles, re-enabled my on board sound, and altered settings in both XMP profiles, AND reset the profile to factory defaults. All was not well. The comp was black screening on boot and/or go into repeated Win 10 "attempted" loadings and spontaneous reboots. After an hour or so of Digital Storm Tech Support; we finally realized the BIOS accessed XMP profile had been reset to default (something my hardware config DID NOT like at all!). Resetting the XMP profile in my BIOS to 1 or 2 resulted in a stable running comp (which I've been living with ever since), but also somehow "altered" the CPU and Memory settings in both XMP Profiles. Gggggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Thank you MS!


XMP Profile 1 CPU OC was now only to approximately 3.6GHz not 4 GHz as it had originally been. And the RAM OC was almost 3000MHz rather than the original 2666MHz.


So anyway I don't give rap about the RAM timing (at least it went in the right [as in up] direction). I want to get my CPU OC back to 4GHz. I've got CPU-Z installed on my comp, as well as the current version of Intel's XTU! I don't know what to adjust in the XTU, or in what order to adjust it/them in.


If anyone could help me with what to do, what order to do it in, and by how much it would be appreciated (remember--just to 4GHZ--I'm not interested in getting the max out of the CPU at this time).


Thanks for your consideration and advice!

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