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Insulation mattress for Extreme OC

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Even tho it is not necessary to have this for Extreme OC doing a Neoprene mattress that would fit perfectly between the mobo and the base of the Benchtable could be fun and useful.

What should be in it and what should not be missed ?

Some ideas : 
- pre-cutted holes for the spacers
- Pre cutted Square space below the CPU socket (to allow for different heights of CPU mounting system / backplate to be used.)
- Space to have Shop towel between the motherboard and the insulation

- Foam split in 2 part to adjust depending on the height of the backplate.

Size suggestion : 
- 255 * 315mm : this give overall a 5mm extra on each sides and should not limit any systeme to be plugged.
- 25mm height : that is the size of the Spacer

Materials : 
- Armaflex
- Shop Towel

System to produce : Waterjet cutting

Update : Looking for motherboard blueprints

Update 2 : 
I am doing an analysis of the socket position on about 88+ motherboards.

Update 3 :
Easy way to contribute and submit measurement

Update 4 : 

This is still going on, more news to come 

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The schematics are still in progress, but not much left to have a solution to prototype. Been hectic the past few weeks and months tbh.

There are a LOT of data missing for X299 / LGA 2066 and X399

Intel 1151 / 1155 / 1556 / 1550 sockets :



Older Intel Sockets : LGA 775 / s478



AMD Sockets (purple = FT1 / light green = X399 / rest is AM3/AM4 )



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