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7970 slowin down after OC


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Hey guys, I had this silly problem with 7970 overclocking (have my hands on this card for first time from couple of years now). I got proper GPUPi times when not touching clocks (at default), but as soon as I touch clocks in afterburner (even at 1mhz) the card starts to be like ~ 50% slower.

I does not matter if I am downclocking or overclocking.

I tried different drivers, tried diabling ULPS and I'm nowhere closer to resolution.


Maybe someone had similar problem?

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The newer drivers don't work with AB. If you try to change anything it will lock to 500 mhz. You can verify this with the sensor tab in gpu-z. The solution is use saphire trixx 4.9.1, works for me plus you can hex edit it to allow more vcore.


what he said :)


or you can use overdrive but no voltage support there

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You can also try VRMTool/WattTool, not remember which vrm controller the 7970 had, maybe the tool is able to read the controller register via I2C/PMbus to mod the voltage.

Then use Wattman for the clocks, any 3rd party tool installed will only bother the driver.

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