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Dead i7 8700K


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Hey guys,


2 days ago i was watching some YT video and OS suddenly locked up, so i restarted and got error code 00 on my M.X Apex (system was under very low load, no OC, just set XMP profile). Reseated everything, also cleaned all the contacts on CPU, MEM but no luck. Also got second board, showing CPU LED, no post. CPU was approx. 30 days old, pushed just on H20, never went beyond 90°C or 1,52v vcore, VCCIO/SA also below 1,25v(mostly short term OC). Well sent it to RMA today, hopefully will get replacement soon.

Did anyone else CPU die so fast without serious reason also? Thanks

Also for anyone's curiosity Batch: L733C478



i7 8700K

Maximus X Apex (for Troubleshooting MSI Z370A-Pro)

G.Skill TridentZ

Corsair RM1000

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Maybe just a faulty or weak die/waffer.

But are you sure about the core voltage, because 1.52v is pretty damn high already, especially with 90° not delided.

I mean even if the cpu never went beyond 90°, it was maybe throttling.

Still 1.52v is not a bit too much?

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