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3DMark11 scores


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Hello, I'm new here! And need some insight on this "mystery" I'm trying to solve.


I'm trying to do some 3Dmark 11 benching, but some questions arose when I compared my scores to what other high ranked R9 290 users got. In short, especially my GT3 and GT4 scores are noticeably lower than what I would except. I hope someone who's more familiar with the benchmark might be able to give hints what's going on.


So, I did a 3Dmark 11 Performance run with i7 3970X @ 5,1 GHz - R9 290 @ 1370/1700:

Overall score: P20961

Graphics score: 24916

Physics score: 15318

Combined score: 12801

GT1: 101.80

GT2: 125.18

GT3: 155.97

GT4: 78.74

PT: 48.63

CT: 59.54

(Windows 10)


Compared to Mus1mus 1# 1800X @ 4,1 GHz - R9 290 @ 1260/1500 ?!:

Overall score: P22514

Graphics score: 25400

Physics score: 18391

Combined score: 14629

GT1: 95.36

GT2: 117.11

GT3: 164.81

GT4: 90.92

PT: 58.39

CT: 68.04

(Windows 10)


As you can see, I pull ahead in GT1 and GT2 with the massive GPU clock difference, but he's suddenly got way higher fps in GT3 and GT4. The difference in the physics and combined score is a given, but I can't get my head around the difference in GT3 and GT4. As a test, I severally underclocked my CPU, but it didn't have any effect on the graphics performance. I tried the same (and other) drivers + all the legal tricks I know of (tessellation is ofc disabled etc) to a no avail. I'm left wondering if there's still some secret sauce I can use on my GPU lol. Also, his score is from this summer, so the date is also not that different...

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