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ProKoN - Core i5 3470 @ 4159.8MHz - 858 marks XTU


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Yes sure.


One thing I am heavily suprised about, and I can/will substantiate my thoughts with screenshots if you want, is that benching with CAS7 always gives much much worse scores for me when using XTU !!!


For instance, the 3470 benched at 107.8-108ish bclk, and 2200+ CAS7 = 7-10-6-24-1T trfc=86 and fairly tight other subs, will barely give 798-800pts, while the same frequency on CAS8 (8-10-8-24-1T or 8-10-8-26-1T) will make an easy 850+ pts on 2133 or 2200 ram multiplier.



If I bench with Prokon (2185 Mhz @ 7-10-6-24-1T) or with Luumi's settings (2300 Mhz @ 7-10-6-28-1T http://hwbot.org/submission/3680063_luumi_xtu_core_i5_3470_853_marks), I will never exceed 800 pts, no matter if I use the 2000 Mhz (1:10) ram multiplier like Prokon does, or the 2133 Mhz 1:8 multi like Luumi does...


The same happens on Haswell. I tried Win7 64 or Win7 32 (btw no difference between both... and no difference between 8.1 32 or 10 32 and 7 64... superfetch + maxmem applied)


Any thoughts why they can, and why I can't?


Ps: My ram can handle 2300+ cas7 (g.skill pi 2200cas7) and 2600+ cas8

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Only thing I can think of is if you aren't setting ALL timings manually it trains looser secondaries at cl7.



I fix them all manually. trrd 4 trtp 4 twtr 7 twr6 trfc 86 tckl 4 twcl8 faw 18 for secondary


mrc fast boot is enabled on my board i think, can put it off to see if...


nonetheless, subtimings can make 50+ pts difference ...?

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