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AI SUITE II Fix or how to not support your product!


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NOT funny at all.


1) Gigabyte Aorus X399 Gaming 7 with Threadripper 1950X at 4.1ghz and 64gb of ram.


Working 18 hours daily as a dedicated heavy load workstation, with 8 SSD's and 2 x Titan XP. No issue.


2) Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7. Everyday PC. Loaded with tons of goodies. Almost 20 hours daily. NO ISSUE.


3) Gigabyte Z270 SOC - limited edition. Benched more than 100 times under cold. Looks and is as new.


4) Gigabyte X99 Champion. Sold, but was rock solid for more than 2 years.



Maybe it is the user to blame and not the products ?

Or maybe you are working / supporting another manufacturer ?


This thread was/is for an issue with AI suite.


How come you explode with flames on Gigabyte ???


I can feel his plight. I did not have a good time on the z270 soc or on the x370 k7 when I used them for gigabyte comps. I see good results with them and iirc they have mem magic that no other vendor has. My 790x ud4p is a great board, but it seems that as of late I've had the worst luck with their newer boards out right trolling me and not being good. So perhaps they have quality control issues? Also their bios is awful, all options are spread out as far as possible, but I could overlook that if my boards didn't outright troll me. My soc for example clocks 4 ranks better than 2 ranks on my 7700k for no reason and is also unable to do 2t due to some things that giga messed up. I could go on an on about how the gigabyte comps have been the worst possible pr for me possible as they've made me hate their boards, but I see no need.

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