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Unable to submit for GpuPi for cpu, x265 and more...No client version given...

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As Yossarianlives says, clear browser cache and cookie or try alternative browser - you might also have had problems because of rev7 launch. I checked GPUPI fast and submission worked at first try


Just tried your suggestions without success, must be Rev 7 issue. Never had problems like this before revision and still using same setup to submit for 2+ years now

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Error when trying to sub GpuPi for cpu, HWBot x265 and Aquamark 3 so far. I've given up since error is same,


No client version given, required version:

and then it names the benchmark version


(No client version given, required version: 2.55.110) for AM3


I always use Firefox Private mode or Chrome Incognito mode for x265 and GPUpi - it never fails.

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The good news - all results are OK and work, I could submit them at first try normal way. The bad news, the problem is at your side, no rev7 issue. I used my standard firefox browser

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