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DDR1 overclocking on DFI Lanparty Nfroce4 ultra - how is ram = 1.2 x FSB possible ?


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Hi all,


I am not spotting anyone in particular, but I wonder, how is it possible to get the x 1.2 ram multiplier...?

I though the max was 1:1, hence ram = fsb frequency. but currently there are lots of subs with ram = 1.2 x fsb.

I have DFI lanparty nforce4 ultra and nowhere to find this beautiful x1.2 coefficient ...






what is the secret...?


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Thank you guys :)

I had forgotten this subtle option on amd chips, reminds me am2 (never had older than am2 x2 4450+ till now with 939)

with 6x cpu multi, the option appears :D 233 or 216 also show up for other multipliers.

perfect :)



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