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Analyze score error, no results shown in graph

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after I run the benchmark. I select the compare results button. It takes me to the graph page but give error. Not enough results to show graph, submit more results. I have over 10 subbed results. Is anyone else seeing this? It does tell me on the right that my system is preforming good or excellent. It use to show me the graph. I’ve tried the latest versions and have rolled back to older versions. No matter what I try I get no graph results. I am logged in to HWBOT when results are submitted.

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Doesn't work Andy.

Don't think it ever did.


Hey Mr Scott how are you? I don’t get over to overclocking.net much any more. The strange thing is it used to work for me.


Thank you for the info



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Am having the same issue as the OP.😡

Just started this a couple of months back. I had not been participating for awhile & now am getting the same. Where it used to show a historical graph of the CPU/MB & me personally (all computers benched). 

What has happened?




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