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Team member lost almost all entries and points

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Someone please have a look.



This member kept loosing points everyday and noticed it was not only points actually.


Lost almost all points (except the very new results).


His hardware library is empty.



But his wall is still full of results


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I ve read your reply Mr richba5tard to the thread that my team captain Tasos created about that strange situation to my points and subs lost

Id like to clarify about me after reading your reply 

First my understaning of English is enough to read and speak.

Second im servicing all day laptops and desktops in my company and hwbot is a tab in my companys server its impossible for me to have 4-5 hours to manually delete my subs one by one, not mentioning that this action is so idiotic as i could easily delete my account i really dont understand your reply

As for someone hacked my account? I dont understand too hacked for hwbot only?? 

Anyway the only thing i could infom you is that i didnt delete any of my 4 years subs moreover one by one as you mentioned hwbot subs iand my account created only for my passion with oc witch is my hobby, now my subs are not accesible by me my points are lost and from your reply i m confused, if you have the ability or the will to recover my subs and my points i would be appriciate it, please let me know

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Hi looproll,

I'm sorry to inform you someone tried to delete your account at 2nd feb, 11:13 in the morning. It failed, luckily, due to a timeout, but caused most of your submissions to be deleted.

The origin IP was, Athens, Greece.

I'm restoring a backup from the 12th of februari to handpick your old submissions, but give me some time as this is very time consuming.

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