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Bug GPU score X299

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I have a problem and after 24 hours of research, I am always at the same point so I seek your help.

Okay, let's be clear.
My GPU score in 3D11, Fire Strike, ... is really not good while on the Z270, it is correct.

For the 3D11 benchmark latest version
Z270 APEX + 7700K 5GHz + 1080Ti 2050/1500 + 16GB 3600C15 -> P28425 (43708 - 13664 - 14199)
X299 DARK + 7980XE 4.5GHz + 1080Ti 2050/1500 + 32GB 4000C19 -> P33211 (41229 - 22291 - 18948)

I made several installation (win10 1703 on both motherboards), same Nvidia drivers, same benchmark, I have tested with win10 1709...
I installed the APEX X299 and bad GPU score too ...
For me it does not come from a hardware component, nor the nvidia drivers, nor the benchmark, ...
If you have an idea... thanks ! ;)

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Who ran on  x299  platfrom old video cards? I tried to run two  8800 ultra in SLi Win7 x64, but without success, I tried different drivers on which I was guaranteed to work on the 1151 platform, but on the 2066 in the driver settings, the SLI option is missing. When I insert two GTX580, then with the new 4xx drivers, if it works, when I roll back to 285, then if it disappears. Strange problem.

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