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Did I win the silicon lottery?

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Hey guys! So I only recently got back into the latest hardware trends etc since I am generally an old school overclocker. But on building my new Coffee lake system for my 24.7 rig I couldn't help but give the CPU a go. 

Now I have done only a couple of days of testing so haven't maxed anything out yet, but I am currently running 24/7 stable clocks @1.25v which is completely stable through all AVX testing. I haven't delidded it yet or tried anything crazy beyond a simple core voltage setting and a quick multiplier increase. From what I've seen from the likes of silicon lottery etc they normally run a -3 multiplier on all AVX running so does that make my CPU better? 

I did a quick cine R15 run with 1.35v and 5.3GHz is happy to run all day long, doesnt quite finish at 5.4GHz however. 

Just curious if I sell this on to someone who might make more use of it or if it's not really worth an LN2 overclockers time! 

Thanks for your time. 


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From what I'm seeing and hearing from people is that temps are pretty important, if I delid this CPU I'd probably get a better idea of what it can do. AIO, 26c ambient and stock paste on both the AIO and CPU isn't helping anything. I actually kinda wanna LN2 it after speaking to someone today so I might try and find an Apex for the weekend :D

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well lewis its like this isnt it ?, a silicone lottery of what its going to do, all are different as you know on what ever cooling is decided or executed with it , you know as everyone knows that temps are crucial to whatever the result will be, and you also know that standard paste just doent cut it with ln2,  give it a whirl mate, see what it does, then youll know wont ya,?  probably the best way to solve the not knowing :)

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True but with this being in my 24/7 system I don't really want to get extra parts for it unless I know I have at least some chance of getting some money back with selling on afterwards. 

Also I've not been paying any attention to XOC for over a year now so OC bins is something I am very out of the loop for with regards to the current platform. 

Update though, 5.4GHz cine @1.4v straight from bootup :)


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