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Ryzen 7 2700X

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Firestrike Physics: 20,431
Firestrike Ultra Physics: 20,803
1783 : CB R15 (faster than R7 1800X @ 4GHz)
178 : CB R15 1T (about as fast as i5-7600k)
Sandra Whetstone single thread: 16.91 (faster than i5-7600k)
Sandra Dhrystone (Integer) single thread: 42.00 (faster than i7-8700k)



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I just hope 4.35GHz isn't the wall on ambient / closed loop water.

FX9590 was clocked at 4.7GHz and pretty much anything over than needed an absurd amount of volts so it might very well be.

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My R7 1700X is dud since it isn't Prime stable over 39x multiplier. I pass Cinebench @ 4GHz  (1.4V) though. It also segfaults with Linux kill-ryzen.

If the R7 2700X manages to pull off over 4.4GHz 8 cores on air (<1.4V) then I will likely be RMA-ing the R7 1700X. My only concern is the cross-CCX latency doesn't seem to have been addressed as per Sisoft's leaked review.

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14 hours ago, flanker said:

We are looking forward, Im playing a little around :)

Great to hear that. I'm looking forward to your findings and results, This time around i'm not playing as i did with the Ryzen 1700x cpus. Enjoy it flanker and post those results soon :)

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This time form chiphell , 2600X + DDR4 = 3660Mhz CL14  - source = https://www.chiphell.com/thread-1841382-1-1.html
They are selling the Ryzen 2xxx cpus already in a lot of places in America , Europe and Asia. Expect a big wave of leaks ...




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