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HOF NVVDD not working?

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As above, trying to use the hof nvvdd in order to have voltage control with my 980ti hof, but if I try using the bios check version it shows this:


And if I use the no check, running as admin or not I can't change the load line or switching or either voltage, on both  win7 and 8.1 install.


Any ideas?




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Have you flashed to the "980ti_hof__XOC.rom" bios ? It appears to be version with vender being KFA²(1B4C) and a date of 07/23/15 according to Maxwell bios tweaker. Yours looks different, pretty sure this is the number 1 requirement as hard mods appear to be optional? on pcb rev 1 or rev 2 (GOC) with jumpers, dip switches and button. I'd flash that bios if you have not yet, then install vcredist_x86 if you haven't yet and then run NVVDD software as Admin




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Thanks, pretty sure I tried that bios as well, thought this one should work as it's what people used in the competition based on various results I checked.

Installed vcredist and ran as admin, it would open just no voltage control :/ (with the non bios check version)


Acted the same way with both bioses as far as I remember.


Not actually sure what version I have, the power connectors are on the end not on the top, but I didn't see the jumpers or dip switch.

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