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CATIA GPU benchmark : how do I add rules?

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Posted (edited)

How do I add rules :confused:


I want to require people to put a screen of the 14 subtest results or at least fill out the subtest result box. That way I can tell if the GPU is faster in everything or just way faster in one or two subtests.

Ultimately if a GPU gets 200 FPS in one subtest and then 2 FPS in another it is going to skew the result massively.

I moved the benchmark from alpha status to beta status but I can't add rules.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Since I can't edit the post retroactively after 5 min:

These are the rules I would like as a minimum:

GPU-Z --- a must as this is heavily GPU reliant

CPU-Z shots of the CPU clocks + RAM amount and RAM clocks.

Shot of summary page with result.

A shot of the subtests and total score at bottom , or at least fill out the subtests if only the total score is shown.

If Windows 10 , must not have any sort of sleep bugs or timer glitching.

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