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Have been using the Aorus Gaming 9 rev 1.0  with my 7800X and tried to OC now for a while meanwhile it was so bad that I bought a Asus Rampage VI Apex after a month to get some results.....

There are simply too many inconsistencies in the Aorus Bios functioning to make it even close to user friendly. I follow the nice guides for the 7900x processors posted but there seem to be different menu items that should be set. Even if I turn of all the Aorus functionalities as per guides to stop it only OC one processor and thus keep all processors on full speed the system will still revert to OC one only or simply turn off. Interestingly then there is no way for me to get a better score on the Aorus than 1900 on XTU. Meanwhile every time i put the processor into the APEX i can get up to XTU 2499.  This is only a 30% difference in performance and that with the only difference being the Motherboard.  The bios and/or operation is simply not consistent enough to work with the 7800x processor. Using the Aorus Gaming 9 for a 7740x processor works out just fine and so does a 7640x. It is so far just the combination of 7800X and Aorus Gaming 9 that is so endlessly painful.  Ofcourse the answer is then use the Apex.. which I do :-) but that wont help any in the Aorus competition :-(

Do note I have updated bios and tested all up to the latest version which includes the ones stating improvements on 7800x .... sighh..

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Weird I had no issues with the 7900X in the same board. However I only tested for reviewing purposes and not on cold. Memory clocking is not awesome on this board, 3733 tight is the only way to go. Higher requires far looser timings and subs...

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I can absolute conform that the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Works perfectly.. up until recent always Asus motherboard,,, But since they didnt give a rats ass about loyal customers for the milionest time... I decided switch and try otter stuff. 

Gigabyte holds its end great. Takes sometime to find that setting where on Asus you did itblindly...

But that is a matter of time. I am pretty impressed with hardware quality of Gigabyte sofar... and it is indeed 1 of few that could be a reliable power house for the X299 cpu's. 





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