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I'am an active overclocker with a lots of benchmarks. 
HWBOT is not only a OC-sport for me, but also a database of hardware efficiency.
Since the appliance of a HWBOT rev  7 we see a lot of confusion. A lot of wrongly given or taken points. 

I have few qustions:
1. Is there one or more databases?
2. Does every benchmark have its own database or table?
3. How many machines (or virtual machines) are there?


 There should be: SID - Score Individual Number and A USer best record in Tables of database.

I. Main Benchmark Database (DB1) - build of tables of scores with records for the benchmarks only.
This database is served by (virtual) Machine 1

Table SuperPi 1M
Score / User /Cpu / RAM / GPU .... / Score Individual Number (SID) / SUFFIX (www address suffix) and etc.

II. Hardware-Benchmark (DB2) database which is build and updated by (Virtual) Machine 2
With tables containing only hardware specific benchmark results.
It is build and kept up to date - rebuild, accordingly to Main Benchmark Database
Each table represents hardware and benchmark and it is build by Machine nr 2 just by collecting scores with specific hardware from DB1. 
Table Super Pi 1M with i7-2600k
Score / User / RAM / GPU .... Score Individual Number etc.

III.  Global Points-per-score in benchmark DataBase (DB3) with its own Machine 3
It's build accordingly to database number 1 accordingly to scores

Table GL_SuperPi 1M 
Score / SID / Users best? / Global Points Achieved

IV Hardware points-per-score in benchmark database (DB4) with its own Machine 4
It's build accordingly to database number 2 accordingly to scores obtained with specific hardware

Table HW_SuperPi 1M 
Score / User / SID / Users best? / Global Points Achieved

You can add as many databases for points as You like.

V. User scores database (DB5) with Machine 5
Holds each best score for the benchmark -
And this table is created as a full-lenght info

Benchmark/ SID / CPU / GPU / Users best? / Global score / HW / Score .........etc

VI. League ranking, Global Ranking- (DB6) where Machine 6 is only counting points from database V 

User / Global Points/ HW Points ... etc

VII. WWW serwer Database is creating a page of the benchmark accordingly to the benchmark score www suffix, 
but under the time of calculation the virtual machines are given data, 
and each one is sending data to WWW compiler after they have had finished calculating.

Machine 1 is sending some data of the benchmark which is sufficient to create a page - 
ex. Suffix / SID /User / Score/ Pictures / Hardware data imputed into the submission form.

Machine 2 is not sending anything but asked torebuild database
Macines 3 and 4 (or more of them) are rebuilding tables and sending points to WWW Serwer (VII) and User Score database (V)

Machine 5  User Score Database is sending points to Machine 6 and its sending data to WWW server or WWW Serwer is retrieving the data by itself.

It's complicated. It would take probably a bit longer but would be much more reliable and all data would be changed at once. 

You can apply any mathematics to the Machines 4 and 5 and any other that are only building Points databases

That is my idea how it might work. It is not an  opinion of a specialist as I'm who is able to make many very specialized Excel formulas for many different things but is not a specialist about databases. 


Right now, I know there is a submission number but it's exchanges with a WWW suffix when a submission isn't the user's best score.
There is no Users best record -  as for examples:

http://hwbot.org/submission/3808128_ and at this page there is a link to a best submission: http://hwbot.org/submission/3806911_adventurepo_catzilla___720p_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_56547_marks

And that is with almost all my submissions from last two days with Titan V and i9 7960x...
Points were changing all the time... but those submissions stays the same: all of them suggest there is a better score -> click - it's much worse, - Click - better hardware -> Error 








I hope I helped. 


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