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8x MSI Geforce GTX 580 Lightning [EU] - Air binned


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For sale are my air binned (3D Mark 11) Geforce GTX 580 Lightning cards. I have 8 pieces. 
All cards have been cleaned and tested as working one more time (3D Mark 06). 
Since I stopped overclocking these can go. 

Price: €65 a piece (or make me a good offer) 
Sending costs are for buyer


MSI Geforce GTX 580 Lightning - Sparks.jpg

MSI Geforce GTX 580 Lightning.jpg

MSI Geforce GTX580 Lightning - Excel.jpg

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27 minutes ago, DrDominodog51 said:

Aaannnnd it looks like I didn't send it... Anyway, would you be willing to ship #2 to the US, and, if so, what would be an estimated price?

It would be no problem for me. It is €24,30 (not insured) or €26,80 (insured) for sending it. 

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