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HPET timer issues when activated


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Anyone else having issues when HPET is enable?, it causes my system to turn off after a few blackscreens even when i am doing nothing, just sitting in desk moving files. GPUPI and HWBOT x265 benchmark uses it so they ask me to enable it to be able to run the benchmarks. This seems to be new (at least on GPUPI) since i never had this problem before with GPUPI.

I'm using Windows 10 x64.

Any advice?

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I jump in regarding gpupi 3.3 and hpet activation in Win7 Pro 64 bits.

Gpupi 3.3 detects a potential drift for my system and asks to activate HPET. I say Yes and reboot, but the HPET is inactive...
hence remains a 3.58 Mhz timer written in x265, and RTC 1 ms in gpupi


MB is MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (also called Neo-F or MS 7125), nforce 4 chipset

Cpu is Amd Dual Core Opteron 175


On the same setup, I had no issues with single cores Opteron 144 and 155, and no messages of a potential drift.
What is happening...? :D

I am using gpupi 3.3.2 legacy.




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thanks but no imprivement with dco.

and on a am2 / 790x chipset, gpupi 3.1 or 3.3.2 legacy will simply not start (appcrash)...
existing scores were made on 2.x only. no gpupi then :D
and yep. 2.3.4 runs fine. ok so no more gpupi on am2 :D (but on 939 is fine... perhaps I should put hpet off and see if gpupi 3.x starts on am2...)

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the appcrash on saving, I had this too :D ibeleive on 3.1.x or 3.2 but not on 3.1

hence i stuck with 3.1 for the 3.x and with 3.3.2 legacy for the 3.3.x...
u tried 3.1 i guess?

still have to try this : put hpet off in the bios and the os and see if gpupi 3. xcan start on am2...

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