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3DMark 99 Max Win7 AMD locked v-sync issue


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47 minutes ago, cbjaust said:

Anybody else seem this where in Windows 7 3DMark 99 Max always runs locked to v-sync even when the drivers, d3doverrider etc are set to v-sync off? Probably not; it's not like it gets point or anything. 9_9

You have to set single buffering in the app, then use d3doverrider to force triple buffering.

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All I know is if you don't it's locked to 60. If you force triple buffering in driver you can get 63. Nothing you do in driver will prevent that. Perhaps the rules should be updated to account for this, as you can't just force vsync off in the driver. It doesn't change the actual rendering of the scene so it should be allowed.

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1 hour ago, DR4G00N said:

The fix is to not use Win 7 if possible. ;)  You won't have any problems with V-sync on Win XP, though only if the gpu has old enough drivers to actually work.

What are you trying to run on it anyway?

Ryzen 7 1800X / Crosshair VI Hero. 

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