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Rauf’s OC gear sale


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Up for sale:

Kingpin venom. Insulated top. Excellent pot, used many times but in good condition. – 170€



Kingpin slims. Barely used. Insulated – 150€ each



Gigabyte SOC GTX 480. Excellent card, has proper LN2 bios and software voltage control! Good clocker, only played this card once or twice and did not push hard at all, only enough to get all the golden legacy cups at the time. Vaseline on card. Not delidded. Have retail box if you want, but shipping will be more expensive. – 100€



Just some old shitty GPUs. Never benched them. 1x XFX 5870, 1x Gigabyte GTX 460, 1x Leadtec 9800GT – All three – 100€



Pack of three SSDs: 180, 120, 120GB. All intel, only used for benching. Maybe I’ll include some OS’s also :) – 100€ 


Shipping not included. Prefer bank transfer.


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