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OC Sale - part 1


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Hi all, I will be selling some parts. Later I will probably sell some more, that is why this is Part 1. 
I was planning to sell my Rampage III I have as well but it just died under my eyes... It still has an EK waterblock for NB and SB, I might sell that later. 

Intel Core i3 7350k
Price: €175,- 

It is delided, but can be resealed if needed. 
I only did a quicktest on LN2 with this CPU since I only had a few litres of LN2 left (5-8L max). All results on my name (with a 7350k) are done with this CPU. 
With the few litres I had it run good. I could very well be that I didn't max out results. 
It did 6700MHz with PI 1M. That would have been number 2 for CPU frequency. 



Gigabyte X58A UD7 v2
Price: €150,-

This box comes with it's original box. Results were on par with my Rampage III Extreme as far as I could test it. 
I actually liked this board more then my Rampage. 
I did this run with the board. 


Intel Core i7 980x
Price: €180,-

I bought this cpu a while ago. This is not the cpu which I used in my sessions. It comes as working but untested for overclocking. 


Der8aur Raptor 4
Price: €400,- 

this GPU LN2 pot was used twice. I cleaned it up a little so it fits in it's package again. There is still a little dirt on it tho. 
It comes with the extension block (this was + €50,-). You will notice that I made a little modification on one side of the extension block because you can see copper in 4 holes. This was necessary. The head of the screws came above it's cooling contact. That caused a 1 mm gap between the GPU and the pot. That was not funny (session screwed). Anyways, the other side is still original so it can be used any way you like. 
It comes complete and with all accessories. 


If interested I have some i7 920's, 930's and a 950 as well. PM me for more info on those. 

All sending costs are for the buyer. 






Edit: The old radio (with dual casette recorder) from the 80's is not for sale :)

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My 2 MSI Readon HD5870 Lightning cards and my MSI Readon HD5870 Lightning II card are for sale as well. 
All 3 cards ran 3D Mark 2006 well. I never completly tested them for overclocking. 
I only have the cards and 1 extra cooler. 

Card 1: €50 (mem tested as running 1200MHz in 3D Mark 2006)
Card 2: €40 (mem tested as running 1000MHz in 3D Mark 2006)
Card 3: €45 (without Mem cooler)
5870 Lightning heathsink: €10 

Or make me a good offer. 




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